A New Age – A Whole New Mind

On August 14, 2010,

“The Conceptual Age can remind us what has always been true but has rarely been acted upon – that we must listen to each other’s stories and that we are each the authors of our own lives… we are our stories.“
A look at how Daniel Pink’s book ‘A Whole New Mind’ explains the importance of experts like Storytellers For Good in helping organizations tell their stories in a way that will ‘speak’ to the people for whom it will have meaning, and who will care, and who will participate. Read More

The Tipping Point – Why Change Can Happen as Quickly & Unexpectedley as it Does

On August 3, 2010,

One of the case studies in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, ‘The Tipping Point’ shows how even a fairly extreme idea like suicide can spread and influence significant numbers of the population just by reading about them in the news. So, how much easier should it be, then, for a simple idea like reading or watching stories with a ‘good’ theme to lead to a different way of how we perceive and consume ‘news’, and even how we act towards other people in our daily lives? Read More

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