Young girl learning safety tips from Kidpower's 'One Million Safer Kids' CampaignThis month we’re happy to announce a partnership with to produce a short film about their “One Million Safer Kids Campaign.” The innovative nonprofit offers programs to prevent bullying and child abuse as well as teach personal safety and internet safety for children, teens and adults. Like many great nonprofits, this organization began with a powerful story.

Back in 1985 co-founder Irene van der Zande was leading a group of her two children and six of their friends on a museum trip when as stranger started following them. The man later charged at the group and threatened to take one of the girls. Irene put herself between the man and the children and, after a shouting match, he eventually ran away. The experience, which terrified both Irene and the children, motivated her to take a self defense class and think about ways she could empower others to protect themselves. Kidpower started with a few classes in 1989 and has now educated more than 2 million people. The effort to keep kids safe is now been expanded to keep everyone safe, says Irene. Kidpower programs also work with adults and people with disabilities. Their latest “One Million Safer Kids” campaign will only continue to expand their reach.

Looking back Irene, a former author, says she never imagined she’d be doing this work but the rewards have made it so worth it. Irene sees those rewards in the form of empowered kids and adults who still approach her to tell her how the skills they learned through Kidpower changed their lives.

Irene van der Zande, cofounder of Kidpower Intl, teaching a child safety classIrene van der Zande, cofounder of Kidpower International, teaching a child safety class

For more information on the Kidpower stories we’ll be profiling and how you can contribute to Kidpower’s video campaign on Causes visit:

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