Storytellers For Good 'Story of the Month' on Crowdsourcing site
If there is one thing we at Storytellers for Good have learned in our video work, it’s the amazing power of one good story. We’ve seen how one good story can raise thousands of dollars for nonprofits to continue important work in the world. How one good story can change minds. How one good story can open hearts. And how one good story can inspire hundreds and thousands to make a positive difference.

With video now on track to surpass email as the most commonly shared material on the internet, our aim is to help nonprofits speak this new language fluently…with emotionally compelling, visually rich and inspiring films that have the capability to reach audiences around the world. In an era where online viewing and giving is at an all-time high, nonprofits need these high quality fundraising tools to make the highest possible impact.

And so we are left with what you might call a good problem: there are just too many good stories out there than we have the resources to tell. So this week we launch a unique crowdfunding effort to allow us to tell and promote more of these stories, and YOU to join our team. Through our new “Story of the Month” crowdsourcing platform we, in partnership with our nonprofit fiscal sponsor, give you the unique opportunity to be a co-producer on a film that will both inspire people around the world and help some amazing nonprofit organizations raise funds to continue their work. The films will be shown at events, on the nonprofit’s website and distributed through YouTube and countless other social media channels.

With a donation of $25-$50 you will be listed as a “Supporter” in the film credits. With a $100 or more donation your name will appear as a “Producer.” With either investment you will be enlisted in our positive storytelling movement that aims to inspire change in the world one story at a time.

Starting in July, our first Story of the Month will feature the nonprofit organization (NPO): The Jacmel Children’s Center ( The story came in 2nd in audience votes at our Film Festival/ Fundraiser in March and we’re very excited to bring it to life!- full details will be announced in early July!

AND this story will be just the beginning of many more to come. In the coming months we’ll be sharing others we hope you’ll want to be a part of from San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and around the globe. In addition to your donations we’ll be looking for your input on the stories we choose, platforms we use and fundraising events we run along every step of the way!

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